How To Make A Girl SquirtHow To Make A Girl Squirt

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How To Make A Girl Squirt

First, let’s get something clear; to make a girl squirt you need to be able to give her a G Spot orgasm – it’s the only way! For many reasons, too many to explain in this short article, the only way women can ejaculate is when they get a very intense G Spot orgasm.

OK, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get moving… Now How to give a girl a highly intense G Spot orgasm that they are forced to squirt or ejaculate? read on my how to make a girl squirt post…

How to Give a Girl The Best G Spot Orgasm

As I said earlier, the G Spot is the source of some of the most potent orgasms a woman can have. According to women, G Spot orgasms are the most intense, powerful, and longest-lasting of their lives.

If they are so incredible, why don’t more women have them? Unfortunately, the majority of both men and women have no idea how to create a G Spot orgasm.

Many times, they have no idea where the G spot is located. Furthermore, those who can find it usually aren’t sure how to properly stimulate it. This article will give you the knowledge you need to make a girl squirt and to provide your girl with some of the most powerful multiple orgasms she’s ever had.

Where is This Mysterious G Spot

Many people have great difficulty trying to find the G Spot and it’s no wonder why…it’s not always prominent. In fact, the G Spot is a shy little thing that only appears during states of extreme sexual arousal.

It is often only raised when a woman is in that dripping-wet, gotta have it now a state of excitement. Of course, if you are a man who has any experience in foreplay, stimulating a woman mentally, and building sexual tension, this shouldn’t be very difficult.

If you don’t have this knowledge, you really need to learn it. It really is vital to a woman’s complete sexual satisfaction.

Finding the G Spot

Now that you have taken all the steps to get your woman aroused enough to get the G Spot at attention, it is time to find it. Although it has a reputation to be hard to find, there is a foolproof way to find it every time.

First, have your woman lying flat on her back with her legs apart. All you have to do is insert your finger into your girl’s vagina fairly deeply. Once it is in, turn your hand gently so that your palm is facing up.

Crook your finger as you would in a beckoning gesture. At this point, you should be able to feel a raised area that is slightly bumpy and that has a spongy texture. It will feel much different in contrast to the smooth surfaces of the rest of the vagina. When you feel it, you have found the mysterious G Spot.

Giving a G Spot Orgasm

Once you have found the G Spot, all you need to do is stimulate it and your girl will explode into mind-blowing orgasm, right? Unfortunately not.

The G Spot is not a magic button. Instead, it is one part of a total package and the amazing sensations she will feel when you stimulate her G Spot will be even further enhanced when you include other stimulation.

Secondary stimulation, including that of the vagina and clitoris, when combined with other foreplay and mental arousal, will make her orgasm even more powerful.

Part of giving these amazing orgasms will involve being able to stimulate the G Spot through sexual intercourse.

The choice of sexual position plays a very important role in this since certain positions make it much easier for the penis to hit the G Spot more consistently and easily.

The best position for you and your woman will depend on your body types. It will also depend on your personal preferences. Some of the better positions for how to make a girl squirt include doggie style and even the missionary position, though it works better if you angle your girl’s hips by placing a pillow or two under her behind.

Learning the proper method for how to make a girl squirt can be tricky and sometimes difficult. It can also be highly rewarding and extremely fulfilling for you both. If you are educated in the best ways to turn your girl on, the best ways to use foreplay, and you know at least the basic information about the sexual anatomy of the female, you are well on your way.

Furthermore, if you know how to reach a woman’s mind and to turn her on mentally, you’ll likely discover that giving a G Spot orgasm will become incredibly easy and you will soon be able to give your girl this earth-shattering pleasure night after night.

How To Make A Girl Squirt

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